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Area Rugs Getting Hotter Everyday

Area Rugs Getting Hotter Everyday

Two forces have made area rugs popular again. First, with so many people going to hardwood & tile flooring in the past ten years, area rugs are adding warmth and flair to any room. You can tie in the colors of a room dramatically with the right area rug. Plus, the rich patterns can give some great depth and definition.

Did you make it to the Spokane Fall Festival of Homes? Did you notice all the area rugs on the hardwood floors? Home after home had the classic combination of hardwood floors with area rugs.

One of the most exciting parts of being in the home design industry is watching new trends develop. This is especially true when a new trend is hundreds of years old.

Speaking of definition… the advent of the great room has created the need to define living spaces. And many people will drop in an area rug to do just that.

The other reason for the rise in popularity of area rugs in Spokane is people love the dramatic change an area rug creates. If you don’t have a lot of money, but want to make a big impact, an area rug is your most economical choice.

Ok…one final reason that doesn’t get talked about much. If you have a carpet that has a stain that won’t come out than an area rug is a great choice. And if the area rug gets dirty, you can just roll it up and take it in to be cleaned.

At Caruso’s we stock around 600 area rugs at our Spokane store any given time. Yes you read that correctly- 600 in stock right now. My guess is if you have some colors or pattern types in mind… we have them.  And of course we have price points that will match any budget.

So if you need a big quick change, or you want a dramatic work of art to build a room around come check out what we have.

When it comes to area rugs…we’ve got you covered.